depth tarot Consultation

Therapeutic Guidance & Reflection Using the Tarot
Depth Tarot Session

Personal Growth Using the Tarot...

A depth tarot session is a way of exploring our subconscious mind in order to reveal new insights into situations or obstacles we are facing. Mike will help you do this by drawing on the tarots archetypes in a therapeutic way.

Depth tarot work can be used to help you think more deeply on a difficult decision or challenge, interpret a dream, overcome a physical injury you’re struggling to heal, or to help plan your future. The sessions are informed by Jungian psychology and are in no way aimed at predicting the future – although they can certainly offer insights into it.

Because a depth tarot session is meditative in nature it can also be used as a form of spiritual work. Mike has over 12 years experience working holistically as a therapist and will guide you through the session, helping you to understand the cards archetypes and how they relate to your situation.

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