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Organic Farmer & Creator of Parallel Systems

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About Mike

Parallel Mike is an organic farmer, investor and host of both the Parallel Systems Broadcast & Parallel Mike Podcast.

He is passionate about living purposefully, natural health and self sufficiency.

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The Early Years

Growing up it wasn’t always clear what path Mike would take in life. His father was a well known British gangster, imprisoned for his role in an attempt to smuggle £20 million worth of cannabis into Britain. Whilst Mike got into repeated bouts of trouble himself as a youth, a chance encounter when he was 16 helped him to turn his life around. He found his way back to education where he studied Theology, Philosophy and Social Work.


Professionally Mike spent over 12 years working as a counselor and therapist, supporting those he worked with to uncover and overcome the mental barriers that were holding them back from achieving their ambitions in life.

Having competed nationally as a boxer in his early 20’s Mike later developed a passion for trail running. Despite appearing to have little natural talent as a runner, through the use of performance psychology Mike was able to transform himself into an elite endurance athlete – finishing top 3 in every ultramarathon he raced for three straight years.

Whilst a chronic injury eventually forced Mike to retire from competition, running at a high level had a big impact on his understanding of  performance and the role of the subconscious mind in success.

Building The Ark

In the years that followed Mike devoted all of the time he would have spent running to studying finance and monetary history. Seeing nothing but catastrophe on the horizon for western society — resting precariously atop of an impossible pyramid of debt — Mike and his wife made it their goal to one day leave the matrix for good. 

Living a simple life aboard their houseboat, they spent a number of years building their own businesses and investing. As the world moved ever closer towards the crisis they now foresaw as inevitable, the time eventually come for them to say goodbye to their boat and begin building their true ‘ark’ – an organic farm where they could become self sufficient in food production and energy.

Returning To Natures Way

Having moved to Poland in 2020 Mike and his wife founded their organic farm and homestead, and began living a self sufficient and decentralized life. Their vision was built on the ethos that by simply returning to solutions rooted in nature, such as growing our own food and medicines at home, each of us already has within us the ability to fix not only ourselves, but many of the planets problems also. 

As a content creator Mike hosts both the Parallel Systems Broadcast and the Parallel Mike Podcast, whilst also supporting an online community of like minded thinkers. Outside of his own content Mike is a regular contributor to a number of podcasts, sharing his knowledge of finance, investing, geopolitics and self sufficiency. He also works as a private coach for investors and people seeking to radically transform their lives for the better.

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